Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Entangled Heart

Some cool, free wallpaper for your desktop. Click the image to get the larger version. Then right click the image and select Set as Desktop Background from the flyout menu.


Ilse Jansoone said...

Hi Mike,

I just started blogging about e-business and art ( a few weeks ago and via the stats I found your blog.
I really like your work! Really beautiful images. I like the organic but abstract form and the lively colors. Those 2 factors are also central in my work. In a few weeks I'll show some work in progress on my blog.

I'll come and visit again later.

Mike Butler said...

Thanks, Ilse. I look forward to seeing your work. Please let me know when you post it!



Ilse Jansoone said...

Hello Mike,
I 'm back ;-)
You asked me to see some work. Well, I posted some today: I know the pictures aren't too clear but you can have some idea at what I'm working on. Your feedback is welcome on my blog

Hear you later.