Sunday, September 04, 2005

Entering the Astral Plain

This one is for the astral projectors.


Alcuin Bramerton said...

He enjoyed travelling
Through interdimensional portals,
But he did not like
The lack of control
And haphazard nature
Of trying to travel
Through interdimensional portals
By using hallucinogenic drugs.

So he threw away
His magic basidiomycetes,
Or magic toadstools,
Or magic mushrooms,
Or whatever they were called,
And he threw away
His cannabis
And he threw away
His LSD.

And he started to enjoy travelling
Through interdimensional portals,
By using meditation instead.

And it worked.

With meditation
The interdimensional travelling
Was more controlled
And less haphazard than before,
And it cost less.

And by careful breathing
And focused intention
He found
He could avoid
Bad trips

And then,
Somewhat unexpectedly,
Early one morning,
While he was on one
Of his interdimensional journeys,
He learned something that
He had not realised before:
What we on Earth call sleep,
On other planets,
And in other star systems,
Is called meditation.

Mike Butler said...

Wow! Beautiful, man.