Monday, June 06, 2005

Women Rule

Woman Power
An interesting article on CNet says that Online merchants are catering more to women. I think this could be good news for artists who sell their art online, as I suspect that Women are more likely to buy art than men.

The Machine that can Copy Anything
I want one of these. CNN has a story about an inventor who has created a machine that can copy anything -- including itself!

I don't think this is April 1st!

The Art Fix
There's a great newsletter for Art lovers that I subscibe to. It's called The Art Fix. About once a month they send out an issue featuring a number of fine artists. You can read it online, or subscribe to it here.

Before and After
One thing about my apartment: I get some great sunsets.


Some people have commented negatively on the smoke stack and I suppose the urban landscape doesn't appeal to everyone so we'll just delete the smoke stack and click the just-add-water-button and voila!


Perhaps this will be my new view after global warming kicks in. Yikes!

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